Winterizing Your Home in August?

Many of the projects that make for good winterizing are more easily accomplished in warm, dry weather.

Winterizing Your Home in August?

Winterizing Your Home in August?

Spending time in the summer to prepare for the winter may sound a bit overanxious, but if you can spare the time you’ll be glad you did when December arrives. Many of the projects that make for good winterizing are more easily accomplished in warm, dry weather.


One example is replacing old windows with new double-pane windows, which are made of two glass panes with an airtight space between them. Since you’ll need to take out the old windows to replace them with new ones, you’d probably prefer to have big holes in your walls during the summer months, instead of during cold or snowy weather. But what if you can’t afford new windows? No problem. Replacing the caulking – which seals cracks against air infiltration – in older-style windows is also a great way to winterize your home.

Here are a few more tasks you may want to consider for August:

Insulate your attic: This not only helps to keep your home cool in summer, but can help keep it warmer in winter. Just be prepared for a hot job – attics in the summer can be especially hot. Also, wear protective clothing: long pants, long sleeves, gloves and eye protection.

Check your heating system: Whether it’s a fireplace or furnace, make sure it’s in good condition. When the first cold snap hits, it could be dangerous to be without a heating system, especially if you live in a part of the country that sees freezing temperatures during the winter. Also, if you want a professional to do it, their availability and pricing is usually better in summer.

Weatherproof your doors: If you can still see the great outdoors through the space between your closed door and the doorjamb, it’s time either for a new door, weather stripping or maybe a new door sweep.

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