We don’t just help the elderly….

We don’t just help the elderly….

This past Saturday, a group of us met at Midway Community Church in Cumming, GA to clean up after a trailer was moved from their property.  It was a great morning of fellowship and ending one chapter in this project, but starting another.

Lets go back to last November, as I was invited from a group of Dawson county firefighters that was helping a family that was living in less than favorable conditions. This trailer was something that most of us would never imaging someone (let alone a family) would have to live in. My suggestion, as hard as it was to share, was there was no fixing this home, as it was too far gone.  I knew of a church that had a trailer that they were no longer using, and suggested that this might be able to be moved to provide an improved living condition for this family.

Now fast forward to last week, where the trailer was moved from Midway Community Church to the families’ property. This was not an easy task, as there were many obstacles that had to be overcome before this became a reality, but through the Lords blessings, the trailer has been moved and will be worked on to make it more comfortable for the family to live in.

This shows that we are not limited to just helping elderly, and not just in home repair. While the ministry was created with this vision in mind, we will go where needed, and provide assistance where we can make an impact. (In this case, we were just the conduit for this move to happen)

Thank you for your support and prayers, as this project, as difficult as it may have seemed, worked within His timing, and has benefited all that have been a part of this up to this point.

As I love to close my “thank yous'” and blogs, whether your support is financial, physical, or spiritual, all support is greatly appreciated.

In Christ,

David Pace
Founder/ C.E.O.
Helping the Elderly, Inc.

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