Forsyth Co. Tea Party Responds to N. Ga Politicos Votes on Ryan-Murray Budget Deal

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Editor’s Note: The following is a press release issued by the Forsyth County Tea Party.

This week both US Senators from Georgia (Isakson and Chambliss) voted to approve the Ryan-Murray budget which had been touted as the best deal that both sides could reach in their goal to get a budget passed through Congress. Last Thursday three Congressmen from North Georgia (Graves GA-14, Collins GA-9, and Woodall GA-7) voted to approve the budget deal as well. House Speaker John Boehner expressed anger towards grass-roots conservative groups who opposed the budget deal and elements contained in it, in a statement reminiscent of Nancy Pelosi’s famous “…we have to pass the bill to see all the good things that are in it…” quote.

The Speaker’s comments went way beyond mere irritation and he has likely alienated a good portion of the conservative base that would likely come out to vote for mostly Republican candidates. Hostility towards conservative groups such as the Tea Party, for whose support the GOP should be grateful, has now come out into the open. The bill that has inspired this latest round of hostility from establishment Republicans has been examined carefully and has been found to be a truly terrible deal for the people of this country and future generations of Americans who will be facing financial obligations that have been made without their consent.

Chairman-elect Sheri Gilligan of the Forsyth County Tea Party responded to the passage by saying:

“For over 3 years conservative groups were told that the best way to battle the ever increasing debt and rein in big government was to wait for the budget deal.  The sequester that automatically called for 10% reduction was in place but what did our Washington politicians do? They passed a budget deal that they said would cut the deficit $23 billion over 10 years. This budget actually increases costs in the first years with the reductions happening in the out years. Yet even with this chicanery it appears that Ryan-Murray did the same kind of accounting practices that showed Obamacare would be affordable. Instead of cutting the deficit this deal increases the deficit.

“Additionally, we need to remind these republicans especially in Georgia that the only reason they won the house was because they rode the coat-tails of the conservative movement. It is not wise to now treat us like pariahs and lambaste us at every turn.”

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2 Responses to Forsyth Co. Tea Party Responds to N. Ga Politicos Votes on Ryan-Murray Budget Deal

  1. Babaroy

    December 19, 2013 at 7:26 pm

    Realism trumps ‘die-hardism’. The Ryan-Murray budget WAS the best deal that had any chance of happening, and the more level headed Republicans in Congress could see that. ‘Bird in the hand is worth two in the bush’ (or more)

    The principal reason the Republicans won the House can be mainly credited to gerrymandering. The district boundary lines were redrawn after the last U.S. census. Actually, the Democrats had the majority of total votes cast in 2012.

  2. Hank Sullivan

    December 23, 2013 at 10:46 am

    None of this matters. There is an interest hole in the American economy. That interest hole is a product of the private Federal Reserve Monetary system. Let’s just say that Americans decide as a group to ante up and pay off the national debt. Everyone just agrees to donate whatever they need to to get the thing paid off.

    Well, look, the National Debt Clock proves it; there is not enough money even in circulation to pay it off. If the American people took every penny they can possibly get their hands on, without borrowing any more, they would come up $6 TRILLION SHORT!

    Every dollar of the $17 trillion national debt the government spent entered the economy as M2, essentially meaning negotiable funds. Well there is only $11 trillion left!

    Where did the $6 trillion go?

    Interest,my friends, interest to the banks on Wall Street who first issued the currency. OUR MONEY SUPPLY IS ALL AT INTEREST. That $6 trillion went down the Fed’s Interest Hole. And that difference between the national debt, and what is even available to pay the debt ever widens!

    The Fed is stealing America blind, people! It doesn’t matter what we spend out of the Federal Government. In fact, if we cut back on spending the whole system comes crashing down that much faster!

    And that is what this is all about, people. The Fed is its own government, WITHIN the US Federal government. And its assignment is to eventually OWN THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, and with it, EVERYTHING YOU HAVE.

    So all this about fiscal responsibility, limiting the size of government and promoting free markets is a pipe dream. You cannot have free markets as long as certain participants in the market have access to unlimited funds, and charge all the other participants interest just to use those funds!

    So,truly, people. Get in the know regarding what is going on. All of this budget stuff is a distraction to the real problem. And the real problem is MONETARY not FISCAL!

    Click on Debt clock link and go to “M2.” Compare that against the national debt.