Five Charged with Distribution of LSD, Ecstasy, Marijuana

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In what Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office narcotics investigators deem as a major hit on drug distributors in the county, five people were charged this week for possession with the intent to distribute LSD, ecstasy, hash and marijuana.

According to Sheriff Ted Paxton, undercover narcotics investigators executed a search warrant at 6104 Ivy Summit Court at Summit Crossing Apartments off of Ronald Reagan Blvd. in south Forsyth County on Monday. Inside the residence they found LSD, ecstasy, hash and marijuana in “distribution level amounts.” Also found were large quantities of several substances that have still not been identified. These substances, according to Sheriff Paxton, are being sent to the Ga. Bureau of Investigation Crime Lab for testing.

“Once the substances are tested, these individuals could face more charges,” added Sheriff Paxton.

“We would consider this a mid-level drug distribution operation, targeted at selling to young people in their late teens and 20s,” said Sheriff Paxton. “Undercover narcotics investigators were surprised to find such a variety of different types of designer drugs in one place. This is not something we ordinarily see in Forsyth County.”

A concern to narcotics investigators are the substances they found that have not been identified. “We are seeing more and more experimentation with substances that are yet to be identified by authorities. We don’t know what type of effects they may be having on those purchasing and using them,” said Lt. Gus Sesam of the Narcotics Unit. He also referenced the synthetic marijuana substances that persons are continuing to use. “People have no idea what kind of chemicals may be in them and what they could do.”

Also found in the residence, where all five of those arrested were living, were scales, baggies and over 100 pipes, some used and some new. Investigators also seized an undisclosed amount of cash.

“We do want to give credit to our citizens for providing us with a tip that led to these arrests,” said Sheriff Paxton. “We appreciate the confidence the citizens have in us to take action and get illegal drugs out of the hands of the distributors. Our narcotics investigators are aggressively following up on any leads the public provides.”

Arrested and charged were Noah Paul Spicer, 20, of Cumming and Alex M. Robichaux, 19, of Cumming. The townhome at Ivy Summit Court was rented by Spicer and Robichaux. Also charged were Evan Michael Snider, 20, of Cumming, Kara Lane Buffington, 18, of Cumming, and Joshua Taylor Bell, 19, of Cumming. All five were charged with one count each of Possession of LSD with intent to distribute, Possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, Possession of MDMA (ecstasy) with intent to distribute and Possession of Hash with intent to distribute. All were arrested at the scene, except for Robichaux, who turned himself in at the Forsyth County Detention Center.  All five remain incarcerated at the Forsyth County Detention Center with no bond. They are scheduled to have a Drug Court review on July 23.

Also arrested at the Summit Court residence was Nicholas Daniel Traynor, 19, of Bronson Way, Cumming. He arrived on the scene while investigators were executing the search warrant. He was charged with possession of marijuana, less than one ounce. He was taken to the Forsyth County Detention Center where he was later released on a $1,155 bond. He is scheduled to appear in State Court on Oct. 5.

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