2012 Chateau Greysac

This is a good example of an affordable Bordeaux

2012 Chateau Greysac

2012 Chateau Greysac

image_4063735_fullWe had a little family dinner the other night and threw a couple of thick ribeyes on the grill and seared them a perfect medium rare, and opened up a red Bordeaux to complete the feast.  It turned out pretty good.  The Bordeaux was a bottle of 2012 Chateau Greysac from the Medoc, which I have enjoyed in the past, and the 2012 was a great companion for our steaks.  The Greysac is still a little young at three years old, so we let it breathe for about thirty minutes before pouring, and even then the first glass was still a little closed in.

When the wine did open up, it displayed a rich aroma of  cherry and black currant, with a bit of spicy note in the background.  The flavor was well rounded with a heavy dose of currant coupled with black cherry, and mild toasty oak.  The finish is long, and the wine continues to develop in the glass, with the last taste over-shadowing the first.  The wine is a blend of Merlot and some Cabernet Sauvignon, and also splashes of Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot.

This is a good example of an affordable Bordeaux, but it is still a little young, and will probably be best in another year or so.  Let it breathe a little and it will be excellent with your steak, or pair it with Veal Scaloppini and a side of Spaghetti Marinara.


score: 88
price: $ 17 – $23



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